December 1, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 11.28.2010 (Part 2)

Normally, when one of us cooks Z runs over to the cook, arms raised and yells "Up! Up! Up!..." until you figure out a way to cook one handed in order to pick him up.  Which is why whenever I am on my own with Z we make scrambled eggs.  Easy.

 Anyway, C made this lovely wide step with the idea that Z could watch us cook.  Then my friend, Emily, emailed and said she knows someone with a toddler that helps his parents make pizza.  Well, we gotta try this!

I'll let the pictures, again, do the talking. One quick thing - the boys knew exactly what to do!  "No warming up in the bullpen" as my dad always says.  I would have gotten big fat tears in my eyes if I weren't so busy laughing. Here's Z and Elliott's first pizzas!


  1. Loved the photos for both parts (especially the boys on the step . . . too cute!)! Did you and C use the D200 for these?

  2. Hi Aunt Susan! Yes we used the D200! It is an AWESOME Camera!

  3. Love love love this post!! So much fun too! I think we should figure out how to cook with the boys way more often!!