December 23, 2010

Wine, in Illinois?

Ok I just don't even know where to start with this gem!  Last week J-Mo emailed me that her and my dad sent a package to us.  It came a couple days later.  It had a Galapagos calendar with a selection of awesome pictures my dad took on their trip their this fall.  Thanks Dad and J-Mo!!!

Included in the package were the coozies pictured.  Can we discuss how awesome these are?  First, one is lime green (great color only second to purple!).  Second, did you know there is a winery in Illinois?  I didn't.  Finally, they are coozies. For WINE glasses!!!  I just love it.  Thanks again Dad and J-Mo!

btw - is one for Queen?  Wouldn't want her crying "Shaft!"


  1. Shaft! I want a wine cozy! Only a few more weeks until I can have wine again!!

    (BTW - this comment is from Becky, but this site won't let you comment without a gmail account, so I had to use Ken's account)

  2. The other cozy is for Becky, so no shaft points.

    And yes, wine in Illinois! Central Illinois, no less.