December 10, 2010

Little Drummer Boy Times Two

First off, my dad hates the song Little Drummer Boy (LDB).  Hates.  The only thing worse than LDB, of course, is children singing LDB!  How much does he hate LDB you ask? He hates LDB so much that he has his own version:

"This is a boring song barumpa bum bum
it just goes on and on barumpa bum bum
it has no melody barumpa bum bum"

Second, one year when I was in high school we went to a Baroque music holiday concert.  It was in a big beautiful church in Hyde Park Chicago, home of President Obama.  There was this huge man sitting on this little stool playing the snare drum through much of the concert.  Well, naturally, we named him the "Little Drummer Boy"!  We all had huge tears of laughter streaming down our faces the entire concert. Classic!

In somewhat related news, today I'm streaming Chicago's WXRT holiday station! Very exciting. It has to be the best holiday station out there! I actually heard a Canned Heat Christmas tune. Canned Heat!  Haven't heard LDB yet.

Holiday Music Channel

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