November 30, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 11.28.2010 (Part 1)

Sunday Pizza was the best one yet!  Where to start??  My camera!  So I documented C making pizza.  Then C documented Z and his friend Elliott making their own mini-pizzas!  Even cuter than you can imagine.  Plus, my dad is still in town (leaves this afternoon) and he was part of the fun and the most animated I've seen him in forever!

[Awesome and excitedly shocking side note - Dad put a bid on a condo 15 min from our house!]

Sunday was exactly what this blog is all about, friends and family getting together, eating pizza, and having a fab time!  Tear...

Part 1 will be C making the pizza.  Part 2 will be Z and Elliott making their pizzas.  I'm going to let the pictures  do the talking even though I LOVE to talk. Btw - the pizza tasted even better than it looks!

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