About Us

We are Lisa and Chris.  Together for nearly 16 years, married coming up on 10 years.  We met in college at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  When I met Chris he worked for Pizza Hut.  That's right, the Slut!  He let me make a pizza with him at the Slut and it was instant love.  I actually danced with my cat after his first phone call.  [About me: I'm a dork.]

By day, Chris is a middle school science teacher and principal.  I was a high school math teacher for 7 years and realized at the start of year 7 that it was time to make a move.  yada yada yada  I am a database developer and love it [most days anyway].  My dear friend told me that a person is more likely to stay with a job if he/she has a good friend at work.  I guess that bodes well for me staying put [unless this blog gig becomes the bees knees on the Internet ha].

In June 2005 we married in Chicago.  Two weeks later we shipped a car and our stuff and drove the other car, with our dog, Abbey, to Seattle.  It was surreal.  We love it here but were shocked at how much we missed Chicago pizza. [well, Chicago food in general but pizza mainly]  It soon became an obsession.

We worked on our sauce first.   [spectacular sauce link]  I can't remember the last time we tweaked this recipe.  Next, Chris worked on the crust.  [cool crust link] Gotta say Chris is the baker of the family.      He's made updates here and there mostly with amounts of various flours like corn flour.  I love our crust!  Pretty much love our pizza!  We were recently back in Chicago and guess what?  I think I like our pizza better!  That's right I said it.

Of course, we have Zeke, the cutest, happiest little guy on the planet!  At least our planet.  He's going on six and so fun!  He makes his own pizzas with various friends which is a real treat.  We can't wait to see him start throwing them.  It'll probably happen sooner rather than later.  We'll try to snap pix when it happens!

Feel free to send us an email: SundayPizzaBlog@gmail.com