January 23, 2012

Sunday Pizza: 01.14.2012

"Brothers don't shake hands!  Brothers gotta HUG!"  That guy in the picture up there isn't C with hair, clean jeans, and a tan.  Nope that's his nearly twin brother, Ed!  Look familiar?  Ah yes, because Ed and his wife, Katherine, were on the pizza bench in June.

We are just busting because... drum roll please... They.  Are.  Moving.  HERE!!!  Can I get a Woop Woop!!  I never ever dreamed this would happen but it is!  Woo Hoo!  (side note - they have NO idea what they just signed on for!)

January 2, 2012

Tomatillo Salsa!

Phones.  I have a smart phone.  My son is not yet three and can unlock it (no password) and start the "Mommy Game" and play puzzle after puzzle for nearly 20 minutes.  Scary!

What's sad, to me, is that he will probably never know the satisfaction of slamming the phone down.  You know, really hanging up on someone.  Seems the click on the other end was louder and the caller knew you meant business.  Now, you have to tap the "End" bar.  Lame.

I started cooking at a young age.  I remember making doctored up mac and cheese for my sister and me.  The orange powder never quite dissolved properly when you sprinkled it on the noodles and stirred as directed.  Blach!  So once the noodles were ready I would get out our tiny, little saucepan and heat up the milk and butter on the lowest of low heat.  When it was bubbling I added the orange powder and stirred.