July 18, 2011

My (lack of) baby book

I didn't get a baby book for Z-Man.  I was ok with it.  Until Z was 15 months old or so and I realized I didn't remember stuff and wanted to.  Like when did he get his first tooth?  Hmmm good question.  When did he sit on his own?  When did he start walking?  When was his first tantrum?  (Like he ever has those)

Would be nice right?  Our good friend, Pete, smartly suggested I could go through my Facebook status updates since I probably posted most of these milestones and could get the dates that way.  Great idea and maybe someday I'll do this... like when Z is 20 and I have more time.

So, for now, this blog serves as my record book.  If you haven't noticed this already then this must be your first time visiting (welcome!).

Yesterday (7/17/2011)  Z was in his room working on going to sleep when he shouted. "Daddy?  Daddy my need potty!"  Now, we've been in this spot before (earlier that night as a matter of fact).  Wanting to encourage C went in and said, "Well let's go"  Off they went to the bathroom and Z pulled down his pjs and let C take off his diaper and boom he went in his potty!  Way to go little man!

This isn't his first time going in the potty.  What was remarkable was this morning... he woke up and told C he had to go potty and went in all smiles.  Sure enough he went in the potty again!  Woo hoo!!! We'll see if this becomes a trend.

As I type this I know that C will groan that I am blasting this on the Internet and someday Z-man will also groan that he can't believe I broadcasted something like.  Sorry, this is my record and I am so excited and proud of my big boy that I don't care.  Hopefully someday I'll be glad I wrote this in his "Baby Book."

July 14, 2011

Operation New Patio: Phase 2

The patio project started on a Tuesday afternoon and the picture above is how things looked by Thursday evening.  (here's phase 1)  Next on the list was to dig out the grass  to expand our patio to the size we want, level, and build the steps.

At this point I'm thinking we have totally made it through the hard part!  Woo hoo!  Not so fast or as my dad, the Dude, always quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross, "Put that coffee down!  Coffee is for closers!"

July 10, 2011

Dining Yin Yang

Yin Yang.  Part of the Wiki definition is "Yin yang are complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system."  

Last Sunday and this Saturday we were lucky enough to go out for dinner.  (Thanks again Mom!)  The two meals were both delicious but completely Yin Yang.  Well, they are in my freaky mind.

July 7, 2011

Operation New Patio: Phase 1

School's out - School's out - Teacher let the monkeys out!!  Hello summer!  The good news:  C is on summer break.  The bad news:  I'm not :(  waa waah.  Turns out C isn't really off the whole summer.  He is working all of July at University of Washington with the gifted program.  Way to go!

What it means is there was only about a week and a half to squeeze in a house project.  C decided to tackle the patio.  First, we liked the idea of putting in a deck.  Then we started getting quotes.  Hello sticker shock!  Then a buddy at work, hi Oleg, advised me to ditch the deck and put in a patio.  Now, that we can do!

July 5, 2011

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets!  Here's where I'm supposed to say, "I love Farmers Markets! We go every week and here's the amazing pie I made!"  Alas, really it's more like I want to love farmers markets.  I love in-season, just picked produce and helping the local farmer.  I love finding something I've never heard of and figuring out what it is and a new recipe to try.  The truth is I rarely actually make it. (insert stellar batch of excuses here) When I do make it I kind of wander around like a lost duckling not quite sure what to buy or wishing it was earlier or later in the season when more stuff would be in-season.

This Sunday forecast was the cold and possibly rainy day of the holiday weekend.  We decided to check out the farmers market since strawberries are in season.  (btw - looking to go strawberry or raspberry picking soon!)  Well guess what?  We had a blast!

July 1, 2011

Low Tide at Alki Point

Seattle is just now starting to warm up.  As you can see in the picture above from last week my sis-in-law, Katherine, and Z-man are wearing coats!  It had to be mid 60s for the high that day. Crazy huh?!  I'll take it over 90s any day. I'm a total wimp.

That said, with company in town we were hoping for more summer like weather.  How great would it be to order the weather like a burger?  No such luck... Z wanted to go to the beach and "touch the water" so off we went to Alki Beach.  I know what you're thinking "Is this a rerun?"  Well, yes kind of.  Wait, but don't change channels yet!  I promise this episode is different.

We did go to the water and the same coffee shop for lunch.  That's true.  This time after lunch we took a long walk to Alki Point because we could tell the tide was low.  Turns out the Seattle Aquarium has naturalists out along the beach on the point during extreme low tides armed with their glossy books ready to point out the cool things to look for under rocks and hiding in the sand and water.  It was a BLAST!  I geeked out and even snapped a picture of Kat and Z with one naturalist that was super helpful.

The tide is so low you walk out about 50 yards over what would normally be the sound floor.  Along the way crabs squirt water up in the air so they can sink further into the sand.  This move is in attempt to not get eaten.  People watch for the squirting and race to try and dig the crab up before it gets too deep to catch.  Not my bag.  Blach!

There were tons of starfish!  Big ol purple ones clinging to rocks!  There were sea cucumbers hiding under rocks (didn't get a picture).  Did I say already how much fun we had?  Deja Vu?  hmmm.  After the field trip we took Ed and Kat to Starbucks, of course.  Z got a doughnut and was so relaxed and happy.  It was a perfect day!