December 6, 2010

Weekend Craziness with an Ethiopian Kick

Phew!  It's Monday evening and I am beat!  The weekend was awesome but tiring and I am fighting my little heart out trying not to get a full blown cold.  I've been drinking tea like it's going out of style and well, ok maybe I'm not really fighting that hard cuz that's all I got.  Not even a little chicken noodle soup or taking vitamin C.  As usual, Lame.

We had one of those Saturdays where in the middle you tell yourself to remember to never overbook again.  First, we had soccer for Z at 10am.  He wanted to be held for the first 10 minutes poor little guy.  Plus, he was pretty much done with 10 minutes left and the class is only 50 minutes.  hmmm, nowhere to go but up!

Next, we headed home to meet Grandma and change. She watched Z for the afternoon and evening (Thanks Mom!).  We met my sis, B, at Key Arena and saw Illinois crush Gonzaga at basketball.  It was way fun to see so much orange and blue even though Gonzaga was definitely the home team.  ILL-INI!!!

From there we booked to meet friends at an Ethiopian restaurant.  They just learned they have been matched with a baby they will adopt in January!  We celebrated with some of their other friends.  Ethiopian food is pretty good.  C did not like the bread you pick up the food with, Injera.  It is pretty spongy but is so bland that it works well to not overpower the flavors.  He didn't care for the texture.  I get it for sure.  We had some really yummy kitfo (ground beef cooked not tartar) which was pretty spicy and this chicken with collards dish that was easily my fav.  The rest were vegetarian like lentils, and cabbage, and collards, all good too.  I'd go back.

We dragged ourselves home and as quickly as possible went to bed.  Z, of course, was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 am Sunday.  Groan.  I'll skip the boring Sunday stuff but know this - we made pizza, Z made pizza too, and it was divine!  If you're actually still reading I'll spare you that tale for another post.  Smoochy smooch, to bed I go!

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