October 29, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 10.24.2010

Over the weekend we made another batch of homemade sausage. L mentioned in an earlier post our first and second permutations of sausage making, and I have to say the second was much better . . . Alone and on the pizza. The photo is of this past sunday's pizza. None was left for lunch on Monday, something we both enjoy.

Sausage Fest!

When I was in jr high my older step-bro came home from a party one night and declared it was a "Total sausage fest!"  It took me awhile to get it but then I thought it was the funniest thing.  

This is a different kind of sausage fest so get your head out of da gutter.  C and I made sausage over the weekend.  This is our second batch of homemade sausage.  We followed the quite clear step-by-step directions over at SimplyRecipes.

The first time we pretty much followed his recipe and cursed the fact that we don't have a scale cuz his ingredients are weights.  What does C do for a living?  Science teacher.  hmmmm maybe we should plan a little better next time eh?

Anyway, the sausage tasted fine but we decided the sherry wasn't pairing well with our pizza sauce.  (don't judge the use of wine wordings for pizza talk)  So for round 2 we decided to up the seasonings (oops still no scale), add crushed red pepper flakes, and use red wine and red wine vinegar in place of the weirdo sherry.  (no offense Hank)  

The next day we put it to the test on our pizza.  C was the smart one who took the picture of the pizza.  Since the photo is on his phone he'll need to post it.  Hint hint :)

Here's the play-by-play:

All the seasoning!

Cubed Pork with Seasoning, ready for grinding
That's C's hunky hands in action

Finished Product!

October 28, 2010

Low carb menu

Well, my sis may have gestational diabetes.  Totally common, I know, but crucial to stay on a strict low carb (sugar) diet.  In a couple weeks my mom and I are hosting a baby shower for her so I'm adjusting the menu.  Here's what I'm thinking:

Crustless Veggie Quiche
? Chicken salad - maybe this is overkill but I love me some chicken salad...
Roasted cauliflower with Gouda and white cheddar sauce on side to drizzle on top
Green salad with pear/apple, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
Whole wheat rolls (store bought - let's get real here)

Angel food cake for dessert with cool whip (0 carbs), cut strawberries (Optional) and chocolate to drizzle.


October 27, 2010

Mac n Cheese heaven

Ok you saw my award winning photo of the Mac before. Here's what it became... Gouda and white cheddar cheese goodness!

Z had THREE helpings! I would have had three helpings but the cupcakes in my tummy wouldn't move over and make room. Stupid cupcakes.

I totally recommend this recipe (see link from earlier post) one thing I will do next time is sprinkle crushed wheat crackers on top with cheese for some crunch. You feel me?

October 26, 2010

Saturday dinner...

We didn't feel like anything heavy since we pretty much ate all day (must not step on scale). We decided bruschetta fit the bill.

C used a green heirloom tomato plus a red. Nothing fancy, tomato, garlic,onion, basil, balsamic, olive oil, and salt/pepper. Mmm. Sometimes i add white beans but didn't today. Throw it on homemade toasted bread and chase it with wine (or in C's case beer). Yummy.

You'll notice there's an extra bowl of straight balsamic on the table cuz there's never enough for C. When he's out of bread he drinks it like cereal milk.

October 23, 2010

Proof...like you need it!

Ok C teased me for taking a picture of the pasta. (deserved) but I love those blogs that get all into the step by step. Clearly I'm nit one of those kinds of blogs but I'm ok with that.

Here's one of the cupcakes I made! I bought a piping bag and tips! Very very fun!

Mac and Cheese experiment

Busy day today with no pictures to prove it...  

Cupcakes. Check.  (white cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting from friend, Em's cookbook _Baked_ Thanks Em!)  Oh and yum watch for picture of my overfillde yumminess.

Sausage.  C cubed the pork shoulder and it is in the freezer.  hmmm maybe should take out a little early to thaw some.

Mac and cheese using the recipe from Cozy Kitchen.  About to start cooking pasta now.  I'm halving the recipe cuz Z and I are on our own with Mac and Cheese.  C hates Cheese.  Yes, I still married him.  Yes, he still loves pizza. He's Captain Light-on-the-cheese.  One time a buddy of ours and I got our own pizza with TRIPLE Cheese just to show him.  It was actually disgusting.  Live and learn.  I digress...  here's the link and watch for pix

October 22, 2010

Weekend lineup

In case you are wondering where things are with Sunday Pizza...

We took last weekend off from pizza making.  Instead, we met our PEPS group at a pumpkin patch with corn maze. It was so much fun!  Z and his buddies ran through the corn maze and didn't think twice when they hit dead ends!  We were running short on time in the end and all decided to take the short cut out of the maze and b line to Red Robin.  8 adults and 4 toddlers!  We felt for the waiter but they are experts with that kind of thing there.  

So this weekend we are diving in the deep end of the pizza pool with the following plans
1)  Make a new batch of sausage.  Last batch we used sherry to bind and it was not quite right.  We're going to try red wine today. mmmm wine.

2)  Make a new batch of sauce.  We really haven't tweaked our sauce in a couple years.  I just love it!

3)  Make pizza on Sunday with our new sauce and sausage!  At least one will need to be traditional sausage and onions I'm betting with our new sausage to try.  Wanna come over?  We need guests!  

Cupcake expertise

My sister is expecting a baby girl this January!  I can't wait to meet my yet-to-be-named-but-I-really-like-Audrey niece!  Naturally, my mom and I are planning a shower in November and she has requested white cupcakes with pink frosting.  Being a cook more than a baker this presents a challenge and I refuse to use boxed cake.  So I'm hoping C and I can do a practice run of cupcakes this weekend or during the week.  Here's a list of great tips that I will use to help.  I am planning to run to the store later to get my first piping bag with tips.  Should be fun!

Happy Friday!

October 17, 2010

Pizza Cupcake? YUM!

Ok this is a combo who's time has come!  Finally...  Pizza cupcake!  I know, gross, but read first before judging.  C will gag :)

October 16, 2010

Whoa Crazy Inventive!!

Check out this blog of pizza four insanely different ways.  Would you try them?  I would definitely try all of them but I'm guessing C wouldn't touch the boiled and baked one with a ten foot fork.

October 10, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 10.10.2010

So, this Sunday we decided to try something different with our pizza.  We decided to make a barbecue chicken, jalapeno, and red onion pizza.  For the barbecue sauce we used what was in our fridge, Stubbs original sauce.  No high fructose corn syrup here.  We decided to sweeten it up though so we mixed in several tablespoons of honey.  About 2.5 tablespoons in a cup of Stubbs did it for us.  We also decided to make the crust thinner than our standard pizzas.  For the chicken, we grilled it first.  The end result . . .  super tasty!  It was decided though that the pizzas did need more sauce on them.  When making the pizzas,  Chris put on the sauce light because of the power barbecue tends to carry.  Interesting outcome though, the pizza could have used more sauce.  Maybe it was the crust, or our tastebuds, but the barbecue sauce did not have the same properties that tomato sauce has on a pizza.  So, next time, more barbecue sauce.  What this also means is that we need to start thinking about what is our ideal barbecue sauce and create it.  I have to admit, the evolution of our pizza sauce was an experience, so I cannot wait to begin the journey to make a barbecue sauce.

October 4, 2010

No leftovers?!

Our great friends joined us for Sunday pizza. They have a boy the same age as Z and it is always a super fun time.
We had a blast but sadly Z is teething and kept waking up through the night.
Happy to report no leftovers. Mmmmm