December 19, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 12.12.2010

Classic!  This picture is so priceless I want to just say, "Thank you!  Goodnight!" cuz it just says it all!  C took this one and is clearly not a fan on using the flash (ahem) :)   That said, he did capture the moment beautifully!  

December 12 was a monumental party day.  In the morning we had our PEPS buds over for breakfast.  Then we had two families over for Sunday Pizza.  It was an epic day which we determined should probably never happen again cuz we were beat.  

The little guy on the left, we discovered, does not like touching icky things.  He patted once on that dough and made the face above, insert schreechy-like sound.  Yep, he wanted nothing to do with this whole pizza making business.  Period, the end.  He was a good sport and stayed on the pizza bench and supervised everyone else.  This is one cute kid lemme tell you.  Aside from this picture he was always smiling. 

Speaking of cute kids... here's the little man and his uncooked finished product.  Z decided he wanted a pepperoni lovers pizza today.  He piled four huge baby handfuls of it on his pizza.  Here he is gazing at his work of art. (minus some pepperoni)

Here's the order of events that has been working for us with a batch making 2 large pizzas:

C makes the first pizza
Once it is in the oven we make kiddie pizzas
Kiddie pizzas go in when the first pizza is done
Cut and nosh on first pizza (and a salad)
C makes second pizza
Kiddie pizzas come out (they don't take as long)
Second pizza goes in the oven
Eat until we are Chicago style STUFFED!

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