February 28, 2012

Sunday Pizza: 02.26.2012

Happy Leap Day!  Is that what you say?  What do you say?  Nothing I guess.  Oh well.  Right now I'm multi-tasking. That's right I'm working while blogging! (at 9pm!)  Yes, guilt guilt send me jewels, flowers, candy, and a masseuse.  

February 1, 2012

Corn Dog Waffles

One of the best parts of having a child is getting to relive many of your childhood memories.  The smell of something like carving a pumpkin brings me back to carving my own pumpkins with my dad and sister as a little girl.  Hearing a certain song or playing with a toy and I'm right back in my old house again.  Amazing!

Foods have the same impact.  I've succumbed to keeping kid food around the house.  Stuff that when I was a kid I loved like mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese pizza.

This summer we went to a state fair.  In the cow barn they were milking cows and Z was fascinated.  On the way out we noticed a vending machine with ice cold milk.  Not just milk.  Chocolate milk. PINK milk!