August 29, 2011

Adventures with Soyrizo

Well over a decade ago I met David.  Great guy and happily part of the family since marrying my cousin, Rachel.  I'll never forget the time the cousins were all hanging out together and David gets on a roll talking about vegetarian alternatives to things normally meat like hot dogs, bacon, and chicken nuggets.  I had never heard of such things as "Tofu Pups" and "Not dogs"!  He had me in tears.

August 23, 2011

Chicago Trip: 08.2011

We just got back from another fun filled trip to Chicago.  C's brother, Ted, got hitched to Liliana!  Nothing like a summer wedding!  I was a little nervous about August weather in Chicago but most of the days were just lovely. The day of the wedding we were treated with a morning thunderstorm (a rarity in Seattle).   Luckily, the rain gave way to a beautiful afternoon and evening!

August 2, 2011

Dilly Beans

Hi.  Is it really August?  That's not right.  Ok I'll spare you my blathering on about how time flies and revisit the weather ups and downs.  Today I made Dilly Beans.  They taste just like they sound and then some!

In late June we went to our farmers market and had a lovely time.  We went after lunch and realized that it would rock to go for lunch should we ever return.  I am pleased to report we ventured back yet again.  This time for lunch and goodies from the farmers.