December 9, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 12.5.2010

Is it already mid-week?!  What happens to the days man!  Remember the good ol' days when time would crawl by as you eagerly waited for winter break... Then how LONG and wonderful winter break was!?  Let's not even talk about summer break cuz that's just down right depressing to think I only have about 10 weekends of sun fun to fill.  My point?  It is Dec 2010 and I feel like I just got used to writing 2010.  I gotta keep up.

Sunday was a sweet contrast to last Sunday.  It was us and the little man hanging out and making pizza galore!  In fact, we still have leftovers in the fridge. Yikes!  We threw on garlic slivers which I really really dug. mmm garlic.  Get this, we actually added some cubed ham onto the pizza.  I am surprised to say that I liked it.  Doubt I'll insist it is on every pizza from here on out but still, pretty tasty.

Speaking of insisting... Zeke made sure he got his own ball of dough to make his pizza.  He's officially a pro.  He takes after his mom in that he wanted to load the pizza with ALL of the cheese!  Love it!  When he wasn't looking I skimmed some off the top so we had enough cheese for the last pizza C made.  [Sorry Bear - I would feel bad but Z ate like seriously 2 bites of pizza and was all into peas and carrots]

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  1. What a sweetie!! Into peas and carrots? Maybe he could influence my child. :)