Start your own SundayPizza

Love pizza?  Want to do something special with your friends and family?  Why not start your own SundayPizza!  Couple things to keep in mind:

1)  It does not have to be on Sunday (I'm not controlling and micro-managing)

2)  It does not have to be weekly.  Do it once.  Better than never!

3)  It does not have to be dough and sauce from scratch.  There's Trader Joe or Jiffy.  Why not!   I've heard some pizzerias will sell a ball of their raw dough.  Try it.

4)  It does not have to be Chicago style.  This was a hard one to type.  I admit it.  If you do some crazy California style pizza (think Broccoli as a topping) feel free to tell us all about it.  I promise, no pity judgement.   

5)  ***TAKE PICTURES and send them to me: to post here! ***