December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

Wow 2010 is over!  Done.  Shocking isn't it?!  It went too fast but was certainly a great year!  I taught math with Cindy B at Hindsale Central years ago.  She told me the reason the years seem to go by faster and faster and faster.
10 months and cruisin'

It's all about the fractions and as you age, one year becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of your life.  When you are five a year is 1/5 of your life.  20% is a lot!  When you're say, 35, one year is only 1/35 of your life.  Under 3% of your life.  Pretty small so the time seems quicker. Maybe I'm busier than I was at five.  Ah math.  Such a beautiful and simple thing.

Z turned one in March!  That was a huge milestone for us as parents.  He learned to walk, run, climb then jump!  He also went from smiling and saying ba ba to saying two word sentences (sometimes), nodding yes, and following basic directions (sometimes).  As you all have seen he also learned how to make pizza!  Sniff sniff my baby boy is so grown up!
21 months and climbing!

C finished his Masters degree!  He can officially be a principal in a school.  I am so proud of him.  He interned last school year with his principal while taking classes and teaching full-time.  How we survived in one piece is beyond me.

I had fewer changes in life.  Phew! I started a blog which I love!  We had lots of visitors throughout the year including my dad and J-Mo (Papa Howie and Gma J-Mo), my in-laws (Papa and Grandma Choo Choo), and my sis-in-law Marcy and her dingo Jeremiah (Aunt Marceee and Aunt Jamima).  

Other than making pizza we were happiest riding our bikes with Z. It is only late December and we are already looking forward to breaking them out this spring for rides.  We look forward to more visitors, more laughs, more memories, and of course, more pizza!  Wishing 2011 brings you the same!  

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  1. I'm looking forward to being your part-time neighbor in 2011. Happy New Year.