November 18, 2010

Slider Stuffing!

White Castle

Taking a break from the vegetarian blogging for a bit to talk about our Thanksgiving stuffing.  We have had Thanksgiving dinner at our house(or condo or apartment) for nearly 10 years.  I say nearly because 3 years ago my sister and her husband hosted.  They did a fabulous job, I definitely appreciated the year off, but I really love hosting.

One year, maybe 2001, we went camping with C's family back in Illinois.  C's Dad took a turkey or chicken, stuffed it with White Castle stuffing, wrapped it in foil and threw in on lit coals in a hole in the ground.  He covered all that with dirt and let it "bake" for a couple hours.  I was completely skeptical but lemme tell you that bird was amazing!  The stuffing?  It seriously changed our lives.

If you've never been to White Castle I am so sorry but you need to run there right now.  No wait, on second thought, wait until Saturday night, go out drinking for about 4 hours, then go through the drive-thru and order a case of "What you crave".  (that's code for a 10 pack of sliders).  The best part is the next day you will learn the real reason they are called sliders.
*Sidebar - it cracks me up that upscale restaurants have "Sliders" since the term is largely used for the runs you get the next day.

Anyway, not only did we trade pizza for mountains but also sliders.  boo hoo.  Fortunately, most grocery stores sell them frozen.  Tuesday I went shopping and they were on sale!  Lucky me!  I bought 4 boxes (6 sliders per box).  The key missing ingredient is the grease when you can buy them from the store fresh and make stuffing with them.  Oh well, the sacrifices we make.

I will make every effort to document the making of this marvelous stuffing.  In the meantime, here's the recipe.

PS they even have a recipe for White Castle Latkes (I have died and gone to heaven).


  1. White Castle latkes?!? What will they think of next?

    We don't have White Castles in Texas, so when we were in Ohio this summer, we ate at one so the boys could experience it. We also ate at a Steak and Shake (again none in Texas); we all loved it!

  2. Ah Steak and Shake! I remember vividly the last time I was there. We went to one in St Louis following a dear friend's engagement party 11 years ago. There was a large group of us and C refused to eat there. Why? No clue. SO he waited in the car. Maybe C can better explain his dislike of Steak and Shake.