November 28, 2010

Bacon, Onion, and Potato Frittata

Is it me or is this going to be a festive December?  Is it the economy is on the upswing or are we unable to have a lame Christmas season twice (or is it thrice) in a row?  In any case, I'm loving it!  I did some Black Friday shopping with my sis and the mall was jam packed with crazies.  Oh yeah, I was one of them!

We just got back from my sister's tree trimming dinner.  She has had it for at least three years now the day or two after Thanksgiving.  All I can say is I much prefer decorating her tree than taking it down.  She has more ornaments than Macys!

[Ok I know what you are thinking... "Didn't she just blog about something on a menu not being Kosher?  What's up with this chick?"  Well, my dad remarried a schicksa and one year when we were little either my sister or me or both of us begged our dad for a tree.  hmmm maybe it had nothing to do with J-Mo (the schicksa).  Fast forward 30 years and we still have trees and menorahs in December.  I like to think of the tree as a pagan thing anyway so I'm ok with it.]

Last night we had an appetizer that was totally a frittata but called something else.  It had chorizo in it and was pretty tasty.  On the way home I remembered we have bacon in the freezer and decided to make a frittata for breakfast!

YUM  Frittatas have to be the easiest things in the world to make.  I used a 10" oven safe fry pan and whatever you do PLEASE remember the handle is hotter than hades when you take it out and set it on the stove.  I usually leave a pot holder on the handle.  C took it out of the over so when I went to cut it I got a rude reminder.

This could easily be made veggie.  In fact, I've made it before with zuchhini, onion, mushrooms and gruyere.

Bacon, Onion, and Potato Frittata 

3-4 slices of bacon chopped into 1/2 int pieces (it is easier if the bacon is frozen)
1/3 medium onion diced
3 small fingerling potatoes diced (I think organic makes a difference but maybe it is a mind game)
6 eggs
2 tbsp milk
Parmesan cheese grated (to taste - half our frittata was cheese-less)

Preheat Oven to 350.  In 10" skillet fry up bacon over medium heat.  In medium bowl scramble eggs, whisk in milk and salt and pepper. When bacon is done to your liking remove to a plate with paper towel.  Drain off most of bacon grease then add onion and potato to pan with a little salt and pepper.  After 2 minutes add about 3-4 tbsps water and cover to let potato steam about 3 minutes.  Potato should be mostly cooked and water should be mostly cooked off.  If there's a little still in the pan drain the mixture on plate with paper towel.

Put bacon, onion, and potato mixture all in the pan still on medium heat.  Add egg mixture and let cook about a minute on the stove.  Sprinkle cheese on top, if using.  Place pan in oven and cook 15 minutes.  We both like it set completely in the center and 15 minutes was enough time.  We kept it in a little longer to brown but I think broiling it for a minute would have been a better option.  mmmm I'm hungry!

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