November 24, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 11.21.2010

Got my days mixed up but here's the lowdown on Sunday pizza.  We haven't made pizza in a couple weeks and it has been really tough on us since it is clearly our favorite thing.

First, we ran out of sauce.  The plan was to make sauce the same weekend we made sausage but ran out of steam.  Second, I had a baby shower for my sister here two Sundays ago.  Finally, we were in Chicago last weekend.  Good thing pizza rocks in Chicago!

This weekend we made sauce on Saturday and pizza, FINALLY, on Sunday.  The sauce came out yummy!  What we do is use the giant can of crushed tomatoes from CostCo and freeze it in freezer zip-locs with just enough sauce for two pizzas per bag.  Nice.  I would share the recipe but it's a secret, sorry.  Lemme know if you want some sauce and we'll figure out a way to ship!

Sunday we made pizza.  It has been so long that we did our usual sausage, turkey pepperoni, onion, and green pepper.  Heavenly.  The only hiccup was an oven temp issue.  I decided to make candied pecans, mmmm, and they baked at 350.  C threw in the pizza after and we didn't realize the temp difference until the pizza had been cooking about 10 minutes.  We normally bake the pizza at 450. One batch of dough makes 2 pizza so the first pizza was a little doughy.  Oh well, it was still good.

Man, I'm beat.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have cooked my little patooty off and am ready to drop.

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