November 27, 2010

That's Not Kosher

Last night Grannie Frannie watched Z so C and I could get out.  It was awesome!  First, we met friends for drinks before they all went to a concert.  We decided not to go cuz we didn't know the band.  I'm sure the concert was a blast but I felt we got the best combo of seeing everyone and then having a quiet dinner "Just. The. Two of us, we can make it if we try just the two of us... "

About a month ago we went to this wine bar/bistro place in Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.  One look at the menu and we decided we would be back to try their food.  We went there last night.  If you are a Seattlelite it is called Eva.  I'm cruising through the menu and I see this item as an entrée.  What?!

Pork and latke?
Yep, you read it right, pork and latke.  That's just not kosher! :)  I think in this case they should have called it a potato pancake.  Other things on the menu sounded good but I just had to try this since I am a non-kosher Jewish girl with a sick sense of humor.  Turns out the latke (and the pork) was yummy.  Missing was one totally key ingredient that both the latke and pork would have benefited from: APPLESAUCE!
Overall, the evening was quite nice. We have stayed up much too late all week and Z has gotten up much too early.  I'm feeling like I did when Z was first born and we were in that zombie like stage. Well, he's sleeping now, maybe I should too.  zzzzzzz

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