May 5, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 05.01.2011

Rrrroar!!!  Meet Leif.  Don't you love him already?  Here he is making his first pizza.  When the kids make their pizzas it is usually a blur of dough, flour, and toppings.  I want to say I asked Leif what a lion says but the truth is I can't remember why he was making such an adorable face.  Who cares really?

I used to teach with Jennie back in the day.  She came over with her hubby, Erik, and fam for pizza.  Here's all the boys making pizza.  They did a great job.  Stian is four and took to pizza making like a fish to water.  Pretty cool to watch.  He had some exciting moments though when the dough wrapped around the rolling pin.  I tried to help him unwrap the dough but I think he totally secretly liked the dough wrapped up.  Can't say I blame him.  Playing with dough is way cool!

In the middle of the pizza making tornado Stian was kind enough to stop to say cheese for me.  What a sweetie!  Leif was doing pretty well tossing the dough eh?

Pizza making is serious business.  Truth be told I think Jennie has their attention.  Z was completely smitten with Jennie right off the bat.  Later, we were all playing outside and Jennie was crouched down playing with Z.  He just gently moved in and gave her a big ol' kiss on the mouth!  Ladies man at age two!  I love it!

Would you believe their was not one fight or even a moment when we had to remind the boys to share.  It was a banner night!  Yes, Z is coming down the slide wearing his birthday boy crown from his second birthday in MARCH!  He loves that thing.

The big take-away was why the heck don't we hang out with Jennie and Erik more often?!  Time just flies by. We're hoping to get together in July.  Fingers crossed!  Jennie emailed and apparently Stian said he had more fun than at Jump Planet or the Zoo!  That's a compliment if ever I've heard one!  

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