May 8, 2011

Chocolate Malted Cupcakes

Last Tuesday was C's birthday.  We are pretty much the same age.  I'm three months older and sometimes those months can really drag.  For example, the three months I was 30 and he was still 29.  He naturally enjoys rubbing it in during that time.  Jerk Grrr.

This year he finally joins me in becoming a perfect square. [For all you non-math people perfect squares are 4, 9, 16, 25... we're the next one]  We were invited to Emily and Pete's for dinner so I was off the cooking and baking hook!  Woo hoo Go Emily!  Then school called Em and said Elliott was sick.  [I know, I should ask to see a picture of said sick child for proof right.]

Back on the hook.  Drat.  Luckily, Orangette to the rescue!  She's a Seattle food blogger.  She and her hubby have opened a super-amazing pizza joint, Delancey, in Seattle.  Yep, they are pretty much our idols!

She posted a recipe for chocolate malt frosting on chocolate cupcakes and I HAD to try them!  1) C loves anything chocolate and 2) my Grandpa was a big chocolate malt fan so I have a major soft spot there.

Verdict?  Wicked good!  The frosting is so yummy I wanted to grab a spoon and eat it like soup.  mmmm.   Make these, it's someone's birthday somewhere.

Must admit, I followed this recipe for Chocolate Malt Cupcakes to the letter since I am NOT a baker and would not change a thing.  Thanks Molly and C, welcome to the back half of our thirties!


  1. Those are very peculiar-looking pizzas ;-) Seriously, those cupcakes look very gooo-oood.

  2. great pictures Lisa! The cupcakes were super tasty!

  3. Thanks Chris! Glad you liked them!