May 19, 2011

No Whining with Wine

Last weekend we took Z to Walla Walla, WA.  This has to be one of the coolest and yummiest untapped wine areas in the country!  It was Balloon Stampede weekend and we rented a huge house for the weekend with our PEPs friends.  Balloon Stampede is where 40+ hot air balloons launch one after another and float along for all to OOOH and AHH at all morning.  Mother Nature had other plans so not one balloon was launched.

I was a little nervous about how three 2 year olds would do in wineries.  Especially following a 4 hour drive.  Turns out they rolled with it like champs and had a blast!  Dare I say maybe more fun than the adults?  Way to go!!  The house was right in downtown so we were walking distance to a bunch of tasting rooms.  The parents rotated who tasted and who played with the kids.  Great fun.

One winery had toy airplanes for the kids.  Another had a drum set and other instruments to play (gently).  Another had cool stools and couches to sit on which is oddly entertaining for kids.  Then, of course, we took them to a kickin park two blocks from the house.  Tons of fun!

I want to go in the fall for sure.   Fingers crossed it works out!


  1. Zeke played the drum, but no guitar ;-(

  2. It's great seeing the three PEPs friends together, no longer babies but toddlers

  3. I know they are getting so big and are so much fun!

    Dad, I was less nervous about him banging on the drums than the guitar so I encouraged the drums.