April 29, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 04.24.2011

*Happy happy birthday to my beautiful sister, Becky (aka the Queen) and my wonderful brother-in-law, Ed (aka Eddie Pat).  Happy 21st Anniversary to my Aunt Susan and Uncle Rick!  Finally, Happy 72nd Anniversary to my Great Aunt Marna and Great Uncle Herb!  (You read right 72, like The Fridge)

Friends.  We have new friends and it is very exciting!  Above is a happy Z with his new buddy, Jake.  I'm flaking but I believe Jake is close to 6.  Jake and his two year old brother Ty live right across the street and happen to have super fun and nice parents!  We love our new home and having awesome neighbors is a major bonus!

Here are the Dads helping the boys make their pizzas.  Can you tell Ty and Jake are brothers?  :)  Gotta say they were both naturals at pizza making.  Rumor has it they made pizza tonight too.  Maybe they even took pictures to share...

Jake definitely knows what Cheese means and Ty has that "when is she going to stop snapping pictures already?" look.

As usual once the cheese comes out Z is pretty much done with the making pizza part and goes for the stuff it in part.  Jake is a guy after my own heart loading his pizza with extra sauce!  Way to go!

Ty did a fancy fly-in and top the pizza move.  You can see his mom, Dani, about to quickly remove nearly half of the cheese he mounded on his pizza.  

All three pizzas went in and the boys chowed down.  Well, Jake and Z did.  Ty was too happy playing to have time to eat.  I'd like to say I understand but let's be honest I always have time to eat.  Especially pizza.

We had a fab time and look forward to many more get-together, planned and impromptu.  In fact, this evening after work the boys rode their bikes or trikes in the 'hood and then played on the playground in Jake and Ty's backyard.  Good times!


  1. Thanks for the anniversary shout-out, my dear niece! Glad you have such wonderful neighbors; maybe the boys will be besties for life!!

    Love, Aunt Susan

  2. I Hope you a wonderful anniversary! Did you and Uncle Rick watch Fish Called Wanda? "A-hole!" Love that movie!

    Wouldn't it be great if they were besties! Too fun!

  3. Damn! That pizza looks good.