April 25, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 04.17.2011

I was so excited about all the Chicago trip posts that I didn't post last week's Sunday Pizza! DUH!  The Queen and Kickball Ken came over with the girls, Kate and Lily.  It was a super time as always.

Z and Lily get along so well and were excited to see each other and play.  Lily was an awesome pizza making supervisor for Z.  As you see above she is instructing him to add, "More Cheese!"

Earlier in the day Lily made Easter Eggs for my mom and Z.  Z's egg was even wearing a cowboy hat.  Pretty cool.  Kate is such a good baby, she's just snoozing happily as her dad shows off Lily's eggs.

Eventually, Lily took over topping the pizza when Z decided it was more fun to eat the cheese instead of add pepperoni.  They both loved the pizza and later played a ton in the backyard.  Ah... good times.


  1. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cheese. Can't wait for Sunday Pizza next month.