April 21, 2011

Chicago Trip: Henrys and Train Toy Store

"Hey Papa where's my dog?"  One of the days in Chicago we took Z-man for his first Chicago dog.  Sadly, I'm not sure if it counts since he had it with ketchup only.  A TRUE Chicago dog has everything (everything but ketchup that is).  It has mustard, onion, neon green relish, hot pepper, celery salt, often a pickle spear, often tomato.  Also, it must be an all beef dog.

This hot dog stand, Henry's, is on the historic Rt 66 (or Ogden Ave in Cicero to Chicago locals).  Papa Choo Choo thinks it is one of Chicago's oldest stands.  Am I interested in if this is in fact one of the oldest stands?  Yes.  But... time is money and I'm letting it go.

The dogs finally arrived and they were tasty.  Was it the best dog in the universe?  Nope, but still yummy and worth checking out.  It happened to be on the way to the Berwyn Toy Train store!

This is one of those stores where hobbyists go to get their lionel trains, model cars, model airplanes etc.  They probably see just as many adult toy enthusiasts as kids.  The back wall was all train cars probably priced higher than my first car.  They had some matchbox cars never taken out of the box and well over $20!

All of a sudden Thomas stuff looked real good and way less pricey!  We got Z a couple replicas train cars of Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Metra.  He loves them and even brings them to sleep with him now.

Finally, they had Breyer replica horses.  I had never heard of this brand, much to the store owners dismay.  We also saw them at a flea market earlier in the week and many sellers of said horses were equally stunned at my ignorance.  Pardon me.  So you don't look as silly as me Breyer takes actual show horses and makes plastic models of them.  Hopefully, you won't be laughed off next time Breyer comes up in conversation at a dinner party.

Z got a little neigh neigh that he also sleeps with.  It was a great time and we can't wait to go back.


  1. Must be a kid thing . . . C.J. usually eats hot dogs with only ketchup, when he's not eating chili dogs. Jake opts for mustard only. I've heard of Breyer ice cream but not the horses. Thanks for making us smarter!

  2. If I had a nickel every time someone mentioned "Breyer horses" and I thought they meant ice cream, I could be retired now. How embarrassing. Wait, I am retired.