April 17, 2011

Chicago Trip: Train to Children's Museum

*Special note* - Happy 100th blog post to me!

Most people take the train to Chicago, commuters.  One morning we took it the other way to Naperville.  It is a far west burb and has a Children's Museum a block away from the train station.  A train ride to a children's museum!  Does life get better for a two year old boy?

Off we went and Z had a blast!  Which meant we did too.  It was a sunny, windy morning.  He loved getting on the train, having his own spot to look out the window, and watching the world roll by.  Z's favorite part of the train was going through tunnels.  Train rides are so much cooler through a child's eyes.

The Children's Museum was pretty cool too.  It was surprisingly crowded for a weekday morning.  Lots of schools were on field trip.  There was an awesome art exhibit featuring always popular Chagall.  It was extremely interactive and encouraged kids to create their own art.

Among the rooms was a water room, a tool room, an air room (C better named it a fluid dynamics room), a math room (sadly, we didn't get to due to hunger and time constraints).  A big thanks to the people that dream up these places for kids to run, explore, and learn.

We grabbed lunch at Potbellys.  YUM!  We all chowed down and happily chatted with Z about his adventures.  Then we were off to catch the train back for naptime.  Once at Grandma's house he picked a couple trains to bring to bed and fell asleep playing with and talking to them.  Lovely day.


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