April 27, 2011

Pizza Pot Pie!

 Almost anytime I am eating out somewhere and love whatever I'm eating I think about how I could try and make it at home.  Don't get me wrong, I think about it alright but that's usually as far as I get.  After twelve years of going to Oven Grinders it never once occurred to me to try and make a pizza pot pie at home.  Crazy!

My dad, aka the Dude, commented on my Oven Grinders post about making a pizza pot pie with Z.  When I read the comment my first thought was, "psh!  Ya like I could ever make that!"  Then my second thought was, "Hey wait... maybe I can hmmm."

I googled it naturally and found a blogger that had not one but three versions of her pizza pot pie.  She used a ramekin.  I have these square shaped oven proof containers that I figured would do the trick.  So I made a half batch of our pizza dough, a simple pizza sauce, and baked some sausage and we made these for dinner on a Monday night! [Yep I was so excited about these babies that we had meat on a weeknight! So worth it!]

For a first effort I was totally happy with how it came out!  Will I make this again? Hell to the yes!  Changes?  My sauce was too thin.  I didn't add any tomato paste. Also, I should have added the sausage to the sauce and used less sauce. I would have let them cook a little longer.  As you can see the cheese is melted but not super oozy melty.  The crust was definitely done but I think it would have been fine with a couple more minutes on it.

This last one is the finished pot pie carefully flipped onto a pasta bowl.  Pardon the super messy kitchen.  Note the spoon waiting to help scoop out the filling onto the crust.  Oh recipes?  Definitely not ready for prime time... yet.

Ah Heaven - in my own home!!!  Thanks for the tip Dude!

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