February 9, 2011

Tuesday Pizza: Bitsy Edition

Pizza on Tuesday?!  I bet you did a big time double-take when you saw that. Eh? [Every now and then it's fun to go a little Canadian ya... take off]  

It is with great excitement that I present Sunday Pizza's very first, and hopefully not last, remote Sunday Pizza chef!  I am almost having trouble typing from sheer excitement.  Simmer down, girl...  

Ok, where to start?  My Uncle Kent clearly. UK for short.  He has a special place in our hearts in many ways but especially because he married us almost six years ago.  He has many fascinating chapters in his life that, if he was so inclined, would make a marvelous book.  Check out some of his work to see he is a truly talented writer.  

Some of his chapters include owning a paint store with my Aunt Fran in Mt. Pleasant Iowa, raising two awesome kids Rachel and Nigel, teaching at a school for teens convicted of crimes and serving time in Juvenile prison, becoming a Methodist Minister, becoming a Polar Bear Club member (in Wisconsin no less!), road tripping in at least three different vintage Airstreams (not at the same time), and most importantly being a grandpa.  

UK has three grandchildren.  Nigel has Jenna and Rachel has Sammy and Elizabeth (Bitsy).  UK is retired and often watches the kids throughout the week.  Rachel and her hubby David went through a two or three year process of fundraising and paperwork and waiting and waiting to adopt Bitsy from China.  Perhaps the family should sign a book deal with Pendant Publishing :)  Anyway, we were all quite teary when we saw pictures of the family finally in China meeting and adopting Bitsy.

It is two plus years later and Bitsy is four (or is she five? YIKES) and in Montessori pre-school.  Tuesday afternoon I get an email from UK that he was making pizza dough.  Cool coincidence our dough recipes are quite similar.  I asked him to take pictures for the world to see on Sunday Pizza.  Little did I know he was making dough for Bitsy to make into a drool-worthy deep dish pizza!  

Way to go Bitsy!!!  Wish I could join you!  UK, thanks for sending along.  It made my day, well, week really.  Without further ado, live from Milwaukee it's Tuesday Pizza!


  1. That Milwaukee pizza looks a lot like a Chicago deep dish. Way to go, Bitsy.

  2. This looks awesome! Did he share his methods? Are you going to try it? Yum, pizza! :)