February 2, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 01.30.2011

Happy February!  Think the groundhog will see his shadow?  I always forget what seeing his shadow is supposed to mean.  Now a days it means watching poor Bill Murray live the same day over and over.  I hope everyone in the middle and east side of the country are warm and safe.

Lots of birthdays right around now!!  Big shout-outs and happy birthday to my bro, Jon, and his wife, Therese who celebrated their birthdays earlier this month.  Also, J-Mo had a birthday last week!  My sis, Tina, and sis-in-law, Katherine celebrated bdays Sunday (wish we could have had a slice of pizza together!)  Finally, my bro-in-law, Ken's birthday was Monday.  WOW!  I know J-Mo will write me to remind me of the other January birthdays I missed.  Oh on Saturday we went to our friend, Matt's to celebrate his 30th.  OMG - 30.  [umm karaoke - LOVE IT] What a great age, but no worries I'm loving where I am today.  Happy birthday and love you all.  I hope you all love the year your in too.

Sunday pizza...  On the bench this week with Z-man are long-time regular, Elliott, and long-awaited friend, Karsten!  Karsten was strategically placed in the middle to keep the peace between Z and E.  For some reason they have become the Bickersons and fight over everything.  Joys of growing up.  

It was a blast spending quality time with Karsten and Elliott's parents.  Karsten's Mom, Andrea, is due in June with a baby girl!  No shortage of things to chat about there.  Plus, we have a huge bean bag called a Love Sac and the boys ran and jumped on it for the longest time.

The awe moment was watching Karsten's Dad, Eric, read to the boys.  Too cute for words.

This Sunday is the Super Bowl.  We are heading to my sister's for their annual party.  They really know how to throw a party and no one ever leaves hungry.  The food is legendary so we're taking the night off from Sunday Pizza!

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