February 23, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 02.20.2011

Ok truth.  I took exactly five pictures at Sunday pizza.  Two turned out so-so and I've included them cuz for grins.

In the pizza department we went back to our normal dough recipe and moved the pizza down to the lowest shelf in the oven and baked it on the pizza screen.  The picture above is the first pizza, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.  The second one was much better, crunchy like you wouldn't believe and full of our homemade sausage.  Good stuff.  Success.

Why so few pictures you ask?  Well, Carolyn and Steve were over!  Carolyn is my bestie from college!  We met on the very first day when we were moving into the dorms (Go Illinois!)  I'm the youngest and she's the oldest so I was all excited to be there and she was kind of sad.  She lived right next to my room with the weirdest roomie in the world.  Mine was a close second.

Left Carolyn, right me
I'm all chatty so I introduce myself and she's kind of sad and I'm like, "Why are you sad?  This is only the greatest day of your entire life!  You're in college now!  We get to go out and have fun!"  Within months we both had IDs and were inseparable.  The rest is obnoxious history.  This picture is classic us... I'm all squinty and we're laughing uncontrollably.  Ok Carolyn is actually smiling cute.  Good times.  Usually I'm flipping off the camera so it was tough to find a good picture of us without the bird or one of us having really bad hair.  Plus, clearly whenever we are together the last thing we think about is taking pictures.

This year we have officially known each other half of our lives!  Crazy huh?  Love ya Car.  Come over anytime and laugh and eat pizza.  Let's get cute and take a picture though.

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