February 16, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 02.13.2011

Check it out!! That's C tossing dough!  Impressive.  2011 has already been a super busy year so we "scheduled" a quiet Sunday pizza.  Ah.  Bubbe Fran came over to see the Z-Man and be a guinea pig for our experiments.  Thanks Mom.

This week we made two changes.   Always risky since you can't always tell which change made the difference.  As a developer I always fall victim to this, I'll change  a couple things at once and introduce a new bug and not always know where to start.  Duh.  

We got this new pizza how-to cookbook and it made two suggestions we tried (among many others): use high gluten bread flour for the dough and use a pizza screen for a crisper crust.  The pizza was definitely different but not as expected.  The dough was chewier, not crisper.  It seemed like even though the dough was thinner it was still chewier.  Strange.

I reread the screen bit in the book and we were supposed to put the pizza on the lowest possible shelf height so it is closest to the heating element.  We had it in the middle position with the pizza stone on the rack just below it but not touching.  AHHH too many variables.  Next time, no stone, lowest position and normal dough.  Make a decision on the screen then worry about the flour type.

This week I want to send love to my wonderful sister-in-law, Katherine, who lost her grandmother this week.  

Also, positive vibrations to my friend Andrea and her mom, she was diagnosed with what is looking to be treatable lymphoma.  

Life is short and fragile. Big hug and love to you all.  Be with the ones you love.  Love the things do.  Best bet, make and eat pizza with someone you love!  

 Z now yells "Pizza Doh" and runs for the flour every time the pantry door opens.

 Isn't this just a cute picture of C?  You should see the one I took of him before this one.  Grumble grumble...

Z kissing the oven door after his little pizza went in.  I melt.

 If Abbey could talk she'd say, "Please please please drop something!"

Z is laughing at something Bubbe said or did.  He LOVES his Bubbe!  I love you Mom!


  1. Love, the photos, Lisa! Great action shot with the pizza dough throw!! Your guys are so cute, but I’d sure like to see a photo of YOU, too!

    Love, Aunt Susan

  2. Thanks Aunt Susan! I'll ask Chris to snap one of me this week :) Hope you are well.

  3. Those are great pictures!! Did you get a new lens? Great work!

  4. I love you, too, daughter! Chris and Zeke do make great picture subjects. I agree with my sister though, it would be nice to see you, too!

  5. I love you so much, Lisa! Thank you for your warm thoughts-you are so kind and thoughtful and I miss you ALL terribly! I cannot wait to pull up a chair and enjoy some of these delicious pizzas with you guys in Seattle! Your photos always put a smile on my face and a growl in my tummy! :)

  6. Hi Katherine! How are ya? We can't wait either! I keep hoping UWash will have an opening and you'll move out here. Ah dreams!

    Miss you and Big Bear hug to you and Ed!