February 1, 2011

My big boy!

Several weeks ago C had a day off in the middle of the week.  Love those!  He had a ton to get done around the house so decided to send Z to school for part of the day.  Z was running around like a crazy boy and trying to "help" Daddy find clothes by throwing everything out of the drawer.  So C picked him up and plopped him in his crib.

Undeterred Z hopped up and proceeded to climb out of the crib and jump into a pile of bean bags!  In the middle of the climb I hear C yell, "Uh Lisa you better come in here and see this."  I caught him mid jump.  I about had a heart attack!

We didn't feel like learning if he would try the same manuever that evening and opted to transition his crib to a toddler bed.  We were pretty scared about the whole thing but the alternative was a cracked head.

C went and got a gate for the doorway.  We're thinking of changing out the door one day to one of those half doors!  Wouldn't that rock!?

The first night was a dream.  He ran to the gate once and cried.  I brought him back to his bed and he fell asleep.  It has been about three weeks and we haven't had  trouble putting him to sleep.

That is, until the last two nights.  I think he wants to stay up with us as if we're up to anything fun.  Little does he know how lame his parents really are.


  1. I, for one, was so proud of Christopher for converting the bed immediately and then getting and putting up the gate. Most parents would have procrastinated until the baby either hurt himself or got so good at it that they had the baby out of the bed all of the time. This way he still has the idea that he doesn't have the run of the house once he is put to bed. I am glad you blogged on this. It is a fun moment to remember!! Plus the solution has worked out so well for everyone!

  2. oh! such a big step! congrats!


  3. @Lindsey - Thanks! It's pretty fun. Also, today we turned his car seat to face forward. He loves it! Cheers!