March 17, 2011

Z and Po

I love pandas.  My childhood bedroom is called the panda room now by my dad, J-Mo, and nieces and nephew.  I had two wall length shelves filled with pandas.  Once my dad, El-Dude, found out I was prego with Z he brought me nearly all of them for Z.

Z-Man's first official panda was given to him by the Queen.  I was maybe 4 months pregnant and she asked her hubby, Kickball Ken, to pick it up at Walmart for her.  Three Walmarts later Po was found!

Every month for the first year we took a picture of Z and Po.  I swiped the idea from my cousin Aimee.  It is a great way to see him grow.  Now, we are going to try and snap a picture yearly.  The challenge is getting him to sit still.

1 month

6 months

11 months (12 months is too blurry)

2 years, note he seems to be righty

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