March 14, 2011

Saturday Pizza: 03.12.2011

Z-man turned TWO this weekend!  We made it through two whole years raising Z and so far maybe he won't need too much counseling ;)

I definitely felt no pressure this year to throw a big birthday bash.  I had a big party last year by choice and was happy to lay low and only celebrate with family this year.  Ok, Z's best bud, Elliott was a must invite.  All of Z's grandparents were there!  Z's Aunt, the Queen, and her family were there too.

Naturally, we made pizza for the occasion.  It is getting to the point where it is the easiest thing for us to do.  I asked my dad to be photog since I knew I would goof and only take three pictures.  These are some of my faves.

Oh yeah the first one is the only thing that went wrong the whole day (well, weekend actually).  We made a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting.  They didn't have the normal cake decorating icing at the store.  Instead I got this cookie icing stuff.  Whatever you do, DO NOT USE this stuff to decorate a cake.  It slid off the cake and ended up looking as my mother-in-law described it, psychedelic.  It is supposed to be Zeke and a train.  Oops.  Hopefully, this is the biggest catastrophe for Z's 3rd year.

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  1. Great party! I'm so glad Bubbe Michelle got to attend.