March 27, 2011

Saturday Pizza: 03.26.2011

It is official!  Z-man is a two year old and reminds us daily.  Yikes!  More on this fun parenting experience later.  First, why Saturday?  We had our friends David and Veronica over and Saturday worked better for them.  Sadly, Veronica got a 24 hour bug so she didn't make it. [or as my mom always says, "That thing that's going around"]  We were bummed but know how it goes there.  These days it seems every plan I make is 50-50 at best.

Nearly 5 years ago I quit teaching math.  Wow, time flies!  I went to the local community college (or Ju Co) to take a six month program to learn all the wonders of SQL database developing.  The first day of class I sat next to David and we were fast friends.  Have been every since.  They are even crazy enough to join us for Thanksgiving!

David was graced with seeing a new side of Z.  Here's the story... Z had a later than late nap and woke up like a bear in January. Pissed!  He cried and cried until we finally figured out that he wanted his daddy.  I now understand why parents always say, "Use your words" to their kids.

David came over about 5 minutes after Z stopped crying.  Phew.  Eventually it was time for Z to make a pizza.  He hasn't made one in a couple weeks but he definitely did not forget what to do.  One of us normally guides him through the pizza making.  Today it was Dad.  As you can see in the picture above C got the old, "NO TOUCH" right off the bat.  Then C offered the cute alligator rolling pin to which he was greeted with, "Nope."  Ok.

Once the pizza was in the oven there was no cute kiss the oven door and watch happily as it bakes.  Instead we got a full blown temper tantrum.  Why?  Juice.  Crack for kids.  Can I kill the inventor of this worthless crap please?!   We watched as he rolled around (on the carpeting) and eventually gave up.  btw - yes we have juice in the house for some dumb reason and he was mad because he saw me water it down.

By the time we sat down for dinner all was forgotten and Z was his happy normal self.  Pizza was yummy.  They lived happily ever after (that day).




"Z Juice!  I need it!"

Z's Pizza. Cooked to a turn.

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