March 7, 2011

Sunday Stir Fry: 03.06.2011

Stir fry?  Have we lost our minds?  Yes, just about two clicks from the nut house. Speaking of nut house...  :)  As Ross Perot would say, "Here's the deal!"  

Actually we had some sad news, C's 91 year old Grandma passed away last week.  She lived in Chicago with Chris's parents and we flew home to attend the funeral.  She died how most people hope to pass, in her sleep surrounded by loved ones she knows are all in good hands.  Although it was a sad occasion we had a wonderful time seeing the family and catching up.  The best part about a wake and funeral is there's plenty of time to just hang out and keep each other company.  The hours flew by.  Z had a ball and loved playing with his 5 year old cousin Olivia (they share the same bday coming up next week!)

We got back late Saturday night and decided to take a break from pizza.  We actually had killer Chicago pizza twice this week.  Not to mention there's a lot of grazing at funerals.  We cancelled Sunday pizza and instead opted for Sunday stir fry.  LOTS of veggies were in order.  Someday I'll post my recipe for stir fry but I'll warn you the sauce is really just doctored up jarred sauce.  They can't all be from scratch!

Well, my mom, Bubbe, and sister, the Queen, and my niece Kate came over for dinner.  It was awesome to see how much Kate has grown since I last saw her.  I think it has been two weeks but maybe it has been three.  Time flies!  All are well and it was nice to just hang some more.  We were having family withdrawal after only 1 day!  I thank my lucky start to be surrounded by loved ones.  

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