March 24, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 03.20.2011

Heavenly!  That's all I can say about this week's Sunday Pizza.  The picture above does not do it justice but C made some amazing pizza this week!  As you can see we made deep dish again.  Gooo-ood.

We experimented some with success.  Since we've been making the thin crust pizza on the bottom shelf with the screen we realized we could use the top half of the oven to make deep dish.  For the first time ever we were able to get two pizzas baked at the same time.  Well, really the deep dish takes longer but you get the point.

C suggested we try tossing fresh basil on the pizza when we take it out of the oven.  I mean what doesn't taste better with fresh basil?  Finally, C wanted to try prosciutto ham on the pizza.  This guy is on a major roll!  It was seriously awesome.  That's all I can say about it.  Make some pizza and put prosciutto on it then fresh basil as it comes out.  You. Will. Melt.

In other news, we had nearly the same crowd as last week but minus C's parents and Kickball Ken. [Can you say subset boys and girls?]  Grannie Frannie, the Queen, and Kate win bozo buttons for coming over three impressive weeks in a row!  Way to go!

Other than the food, the highlights were C and Pete using Z and Elliott as human clocks and streaming the Illinois v Kansas State game on TV.  ILL-INI!  Too bad they lost.  TNT gets an A+ in my book for streaming all games!


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  1. That pizza was HEAVENLY!!! Best ever! Thanks for having us! :)