October 22, 2010

Weekend lineup

In case you are wondering where things are with Sunday Pizza...

We took last weekend off from pizza making.  Instead, we met our PEPS group at a pumpkin patch with corn maze. It was so much fun!  Z and his buddies ran through the corn maze and didn't think twice when they hit dead ends!  We were running short on time in the end and all decided to take the short cut out of the maze and b line to Red Robin.  8 adults and 4 toddlers!  We felt for the waiter but they are experts with that kind of thing there.  

So this weekend we are diving in the deep end of the pizza pool with the following plans
1)  Make a new batch of sausage.  Last batch we used sherry to bind and it was not quite right.  We're going to try red wine today. mmmm wine.

2)  Make a new batch of sauce.  We really haven't tweaked our sauce in a couple years.  I just love it!

3)  Make pizza on Sunday with our new sauce and sausage!  At least one will need to be traditional sausage and onions I'm betting with our new sausage to try.  Wanna come over?  We need guests!  

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