October 23, 2010

Mac and Cheese experiment

Busy day today with no pictures to prove it...  

Cupcakes. Check.  (white cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting from friend, Em's cookbook _Baked_ Thanks Em!)  Oh and yum watch for picture of my overfillde yumminess.

Sausage.  C cubed the pork shoulder and it is in the freezer.  hmmm maybe should take out a little early to thaw some.

Mac and cheese using the recipe from Cozy Kitchen.  About to start cooking pasta now.  I'm halving the recipe cuz Z and I are on our own with Mac and Cheese.  C hates Cheese.  Yes, I still married him.  Yes, he still loves pizza. He's Captain Light-on-the-cheese.  One time a buddy of ours and I got our own pizza with TRIPLE Cheese just to show him.  It was actually disgusting.  Live and learn.  I digress...  here's the link and watch for pix

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  1. Thank you for the sample(s)! And you're welcome for the loan of the cookbook! Let me think about what other cookbooks I might loan you, if I can get samples....