October 29, 2010

Sausage Fest!

When I was in jr high my older step-bro came home from a party one night and declared it was a "Total sausage fest!"  It took me awhile to get it but then I thought it was the funniest thing.  

This is a different kind of sausage fest so get your head out of da gutter.  C and I made sausage over the weekend.  This is our second batch of homemade sausage.  We followed the quite clear step-by-step directions over at SimplyRecipes.

The first time we pretty much followed his recipe and cursed the fact that we don't have a scale cuz his ingredients are weights.  What does C do for a living?  Science teacher.  hmmmm maybe we should plan a little better next time eh?

Anyway, the sausage tasted fine but we decided the sherry wasn't pairing well with our pizza sauce.  (don't judge the use of wine wordings for pizza talk)  So for round 2 we decided to up the seasonings (oops still no scale), add crushed red pepper flakes, and use red wine and red wine vinegar in place of the weirdo sherry.  (no offense Hank)  

The next day we put it to the test on our pizza.  C was the smart one who took the picture of the pizza.  Since the photo is on his phone he'll need to post it.  Hint hint :)

Here's the play-by-play:

All the seasoning!

Cubed Pork with Seasoning, ready for grinding
That's C's hunky hands in action

Finished Product!

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