October 10, 2010

Sunday Pizza: 10.10.2010

So, this Sunday we decided to try something different with our pizza.  We decided to make a barbecue chicken, jalapeno, and red onion pizza.  For the barbecue sauce we used what was in our fridge, Stubbs original sauce.  No high fructose corn syrup here.  We decided to sweeten it up though so we mixed in several tablespoons of honey.  About 2.5 tablespoons in a cup of Stubbs did it for us.  We also decided to make the crust thinner than our standard pizzas.  For the chicken, we grilled it first.  The end result . . .  super tasty!  It was decided though that the pizzas did need more sauce on them.  When making the pizzas,  Chris put on the sauce light because of the power barbecue tends to carry.  Interesting outcome though, the pizza could have used more sauce.  Maybe it was the crust, or our tastebuds, but the barbecue sauce did not have the same properties that tomato sauce has on a pizza.  So, next time, more barbecue sauce.  What this also means is that we need to start thinking about what is our ideal barbecue sauce and create it.  I have to admit, the evolution of our pizza sauce was an experience, so I cannot wait to begin the journey to make a barbecue sauce.

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