October 20, 2011

Sunday Pizza Toppings

More and more of what I'm digging these days!  If I could put you on a pizza I would!

Scent: Solid Perfume Pocket Watch from Design Sponge
I used to wear Origins Ginger Essence until it ran out and then would buy more.  Then I had Z-man and now I just stink!  I so badly want to make my own scent and put it in a pocket watch or empty compact.  I just need to get my butt to the store(s), buy it, come up with my signature scent, and make it...  Simple right?  Maybe when Z graduates.  College.

Sugar:  Vanilla Pear Muffins from The Pastry Affair

Why oh why don't I bake more?  I am starting to view this as a flaw rather than a preference.  I see this mouth-watering muffin and just want to make five dozen.  This is a step in the right direction!

Vanilla Pear Muffins

YUMMY: Lentil stuffed Samosas from Journey Kitchen.  Shouldn't I just make these right now?   I mean really?

Vintage-y:  Aprons!  I love aprons!   These fun and flirty aprons from Jessie Steele have been calling to me for way too long!  The thing is they're too cute to wipe your hands on...
EVA-Coated Summer Lemons Gigi Apron

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