October 7, 2011

Sunday Pizza Toppings

What would a pizza be without toppings?  Here are some things elsewhere on the web that I'm into lately.  Some things make me laugh, some I want to cook, some I want to buy, some I want to give as gifts.  Most mostly, I just thing they're cool.

Funny:  The Oatmeal!  Once you start clicking through his comics you can't stop.

Educational:  Book Larder.  Opening in Seattle next week, Book Larder is a book store of only cookbooks!  They will feature talks by cookbook authors and cooking classes.

Book Larder, a community cookbook store

Bling: Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Designs.  Ok I LOVE this stuff!  I have a silver necklace very similar to this one.  She's a designer living in Tel Aviv and I just ooh and ahh over this jewelry all the time.    

Long Stone and Branch Necklace

Totally Cheesy! Homemade Ricotta on Homemade Crackers drizzled with Honey and Cracked Pepper from I Made That. Here's a recipe I CANNOT get out of my head.  I just must try it or else!  Brandi from LookIMadeThat.com, Pastry Chef at Seattle's Delancey, and co-owner of The Pantry (busy lady!) featured this simple and lovely appetizer on her blog.  Not only that, my friend, Emily, and I attended her cheese making class and got to sample.  Wow.  Must make.   

Visual: Google SketchUp is WAY Awesome!  As you may or may not know C is currently taking middle school bleacher boards and refinishing them to make a new bed frame.  Pretty amazing!  On a tip from YoungHouseLove.com  I downloaded the app for free to try.  It is so fun!  C was describing how the frame will look and I said, "How about we make a sketch?"  He completely poo poo'd making a sketch.  After about 5 minutes working with SketchUp he was sold!  Here's our first attempt. Nice.  Simple.  I love it!  Plus, we can add a headboard later if we feel like it.  Who knows?


  1. I love the cartoon! Thanks for turning us on to some great sites!!

  2. Lard, Larder, Lardest. Is that the best name for a book store in a period of obesity? But seriously, ...