October 28, 2011

Put on a Halloween Happy Face!

Happy Halloween!  Every self-respecting TV sitcom must have a special Halloween episode every year.  Consider this my Halloween episode.  So predictable!

I must admit I'm not into Halloween.  The whole scary movie thing.  Not so much.  Ooh stick your hand in this bowl of spaghetti worms.  Ewe. No thanks.  How about running through a Haunted House and getting scared senseless?  Busy.  Yes, I'm the Grinch of Halloween, Boo Humbug!

Ok so now I'm going to put on my rally hat and dress up as the "Mom who likes Halloween!"    You won't even recognize me.

I actually love pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins and really all things pumpkin flavored. So I'll go with that theme.  A couple weeks ago we made our annual trek through the corn maze and pumpkin patch with our PEPS friends.  Where would we be without them?  Lost.  Literally.  Our friend, Peter, navigated us through the maze like a champ!  (insert obligatory call 911 joke here)  Sadly, we bailed on the pumpkin patch.

Elliott, Karsten, and Z 2011

Elliott, Karsten, and Z 2010

Last week my lovely sister, The Queen, and her adorable daughter, Princess Kate, came over to paint pumpkins with Z-man under careful supervision of Grannie Frannie.  I found my inspiration from a post by Young House Love where you use painters tape to create jack-o-lantern face stickers then let the kids finger paint over it.  Once they're done painting peel off the stickers and voila cute psychodelic pumpkin!  Good times!

Usually people only wear their Halloween costume one day.  I have to continue wearing mine until Monday. (I see you playing your sarcastic violin in pity at me).  I'm actually quite excited for what's in store.  My In-Laws are coming in for a visit this weekend.  The Queen and family are coming over for more Halloween fun Saturday night.  Monday we are headed to our neighbors for a pre trick-or-treat pot-luck.  I've never heard of a trick-or-treat pre-party.  Now, that I can sign up for.  I just hope they don't make me stick my hand in olives eye balls!  Happy Halloween!


  1. Kate looks very serious about her pumpkin painting :)

  2. boskie zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i rodzinnie