September 1, 2011

Sunday Morning Brunch

I swear we eat more than eggs these days.  It does seem that way given I just posted about Eggs with Soyrizo and now I'm writing about Sunday brunch.  Plus, we had quiche at our friend, Andrea's, house for brunch Saturday too.  Guess we really don't eat much more than eggs afterall.

Hmmm not really sure what this post is about, Saturday or Sunday truthfully...As you see in the picture above there are two tickets from the Ben Harper show Saturday night.  He's so awesome and we also got to spend quality catch-up time with our good friends.  Most importantly my bff Carolyn!  Great time!!

Our friends, Debbie and Cary, actually made and brought a pizza to the show.  Impressive!  I had a piece with goat cheese and some other stuff.  I mean goat cheese - heaven!  

So we got home a little late.  Bubbe Frannie watched Z again and got him to bed late.  THANKS MOM!!  Z-man slept until 7:30!  Well, it seemed later than it sounds.

C made coffee and I made scrambled eggs and bacon.  Bacon from our local meat shop, DD Meats.  YUM! No Oscar Mayer here.

That's all folks. Or as Carolyn would say back in college, "That's my story!"  Couple pictures, a bunch of links to other posts pages, and oh listen to what I did last weekend.  Lame-O!  Putting these links together is getting me excited for the upcoming Sunday Pizza season!!  I am taking reservations now  :)

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