September 21, 2011

Sunday Pizza: 09.18.2011

Fall used to mean back-to-school and nervous teacher jitters for me.  Now, it means pumpkin lattes, apple everything, and Sunday Pizza!  That's right, Sunday Pizzas are back!!!

We took the summer off from making pizza.  I mean, who wants to run the oven in the middle of summer.  We had a great summer doing a whole bunch of nothing.  Z fell in love with the beach and pools.  His favorite toy all summer was a big ol' pile of dirt in our backyard.  We went to a couple concerts at the zoo, C's brother's wedding in Chicago, and tiny, quaint Anderson Island full of fresh water lakes.

Friday, we decided to make pizza on Sunday with our last frozen pizza sauce and sausage from the spring.  Saturday, right before Z-Man's nap he looked at us with the sweetest face and said, "My wanna have Ty over to play at my home."  Awe!  So naturally we told him we would call Ty's Mommy to see if he could come over and play.

Ty and his brother Jake were over in the Spring for pizza.  We had a blast!  Luckily, they were free for dinner and joined us for an impromptu first Sunday Pizza of the season!  This time the kids all know each other really well and just played and played.

They ran to the pizza bench and got right into it.  There was definitely not as much helping out.  The kids ate their pizzas on the new bench C made this summer.  I'll post about it soon - promise - it is beautiful!

Perfect timing, the kids finished eating and ran off to play right when our pizza came out of the oven.  It was delicious and I could not believe how much I missed it!  Monday C made a fresh batch of sauce.  We have a 7 lb pork shoulder in the freezer for us to make sausage.  Bring on the pizza, friends, and good times!


  1. So glad you're back!! Love, love, love the last photo of the three boys; precious to the third power (which you probably remember from being a math teacher, right?). If I ever visit Seattle, I want to make sure I'm there for Sunday pizza.

    Love, Aunt Susan

  2. Zeke looks so happy that he could have his friends and "across-the-street" neighbors over for pizza and play. You are setting such a good example for him for inviting kids over to play and socializing! I love how you pick up on his cues and make them happen!! Zeke's beaming smile in the last picture says it all!!

  3. I missed the Sunday Pizza -- the blog and the real thing. I'm glad they're back.