July 18, 2011

My (lack of) baby book

I didn't get a baby book for Z-Man.  I was ok with it.  Until Z was 15 months old or so and I realized I didn't remember stuff and wanted to.  Like when did he get his first tooth?  Hmmm good question.  When did he sit on his own?  When did he start walking?  When was his first tantrum?  (Like he ever has those)

Would be nice right?  Our good friend, Pete, smartly suggested I could go through my Facebook status updates since I probably posted most of these milestones and could get the dates that way.  Great idea and maybe someday I'll do this... like when Z is 20 and I have more time.

So, for now, this blog serves as my record book.  If you haven't noticed this already then this must be your first time visiting (welcome!).

Yesterday (7/17/2011)  Z was in his room working on going to sleep when he shouted. "Daddy?  Daddy my need potty!"  Now, we've been in this spot before (earlier that night as a matter of fact).  Wanting to encourage C went in and said, "Well let's go"  Off they went to the bathroom and Z pulled down his pjs and let C take off his diaper and boom he went in his potty!  Way to go little man!

This isn't his first time going in the potty.  What was remarkable was this morning... he woke up and told C he had to go potty and went in all smiles.  Sure enough he went in the potty again!  Woo hoo!!! We'll see if this becomes a trend.

As I type this I know that C will groan that I am blasting this on the Internet and someday Z-man will also groan that he can't believe I broadcasted something like.  Sorry, this is my record and I am so excited and proud of my big boy that I don't care.  Hopefully someday I'll be glad I wrote this in his "Baby Book."


  1. I know I'm so proud of him! He went again last night before his bath and then again this morning.

    You read right - he's also back in the bath after five months! He's refused to take a bath since he saw a spider in the bath (actually on a toy) and I screamed (knee jerk reaction).. We took him to the pool Sunday and he's been on the bath train ever since!