July 5, 2011

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets!  Here's where I'm supposed to say, "I love Farmers Markets! We go every week and here's the amazing pie I made!"  Alas, really it's more like I want to love farmers markets.  I love in-season, just picked produce and helping the local farmer.  I love finding something I've never heard of and figuring out what it is and a new recipe to try.  The truth is I rarely actually make it. (insert stellar batch of excuses here) When I do make it I kind of wander around like a lost duckling not quite sure what to buy or wishing it was earlier or later in the season when more stuff would be in-season.

This Sunday forecast was the cold and possibly rainy day of the holiday weekend.  We decided to check out the farmers market since strawberries are in season.  (btw - looking to go strawberry or raspberry picking soon!)  Well guess what?  We had a blast!

Not only are strawberries in season but CHERRIES are in season.  Delicious!  First, we had to work on explaining what the pit was to Z.  It took him pretty much biting into it.  He got it alright and was a pro in no time!

There were plenty of food artisans for C and Z to wander around and check out while I did a quick lap to get the lay of the produce land.  I went for green beans, two different types of cherries, yellow squash, and Mexican squash.  The latter was the new one for me.  I'm feeling like stir fry but the weather is begging for grilled squash instead.  We'll see.

Z's absolute favorite artisan made French Macaroons. I've seen these little cute things all over the food blogosphere but had no idea what they were before Sunday.  They are devilishly good!  They got one of each which at $1.75 a pop was no pocket change if you ask me.  There are times when I'm glad I don't bake and this was one of them.  If I could make these and had them around the house... ALL. GONE.  As you can see above Z knew exactly which one he wanted!

Ah and there are the lovely strawberries that brought this whole thing on in the first place!  Cherries won my heart that day.  I am still dreaming of a strawberry u-pick so Emily and I can make jam to get me through the dreary winter when I'm wishing I went to more than one farmers market.


  1. The macaroons were amazing. Zeke and I had more than one each. Even at that price.

  2. Glad to hear someone has a similar reaction to farmer's markets! I always wander around, enjoy the sights and end up coming home with something random and not necessarily representative of all the bounty that is offered! It can be so overwhelming! Great post!

  3. Hi Ami! We went to the same farmers market last week and came home with fingerling potatoes and grass fed steak for dinner. We ate lunch (and dessert) there too. Pretty spendy farmers market outing but we had fun. I can't believe with all that is season now I came home with meat and potatoes! Hope you are well!