July 14, 2011

Operation New Patio: Phase 2

The patio project started on a Tuesday afternoon and the picture above is how things looked by Thursday evening.  (here's phase 1)  Next on the list was to dig out the grass  to expand our patio to the size we want, level, and build the steps.

At this point I'm thinking we have totally made it through the hard part!  Woo hoo!  Not so fast or as my dad, the Dude, always quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross, "Put that coffee down!  Coffee is for closers!"

We did a ton of internet searching.  What we learned is it is important to level the ground with a slight slope away from the house.  What we couldn't find was a detailed description on how to do this exactly.  It seemed most videos we found started like this, "Leveling is very important.  Once you have the ground level pour gravel..."  Thanks.  That's like looking up a cookie recipe and it starts with "Once you have prepared the dough put on cookie sheet.."  grrr!

We dug and we dug and have a huge pile of rocks dirt to prove it.  Then we got out stakes and string and some leveling thing that hangs from the string.  Don't ask me...  (smoke and mirrors) it all worked out but was a major pain in the butt.

Sunday we were ready to pour gravel and compress.  We rented one of those electric vibration compressors from Home Depot.  It is awesome!

Back up!  First I need to give big THANKS to my sis, the Queen, and my bro-in-law, Kickball Ken, for watching Z-man all day Sunday!  Would not have been possible with Z around for sure.  Second, equally huge THANKS to our friends David and Veronica for helping wheel in and rake load after load of gravel.  Your help was a lifesaver.

Monday was back to work for me.  C got to work building dry stack steps.  They rock!  *yuck yuck gotta love puns!

Again, smoke and mirrors for me.  I went to work... I came home they were there.  Nice!  In the thrilling conclusion (Phase 3) the flagstone actually goes down and we discuss DUN DUN DUN... The Future.


  1. I never get tired of that Alec Baldwin clip.

  2. What a long, hard job! i can't believe you did it!!