June 6, 2011

Alki Beach

When I told my students six years ago that my soon-to-be hubby and I were packing up and moving to Seattle here's what Charlie shouted, "Why Seattle?  It has the highest suicide rate in the nation!"  His comment was met with mixed reviews from fellow students to which he defended, "It rains like all the time there!"

Gotta say, it certainly does rain a lot in Seattle.  It is more of a drizzly, cool, cloudy-like climate rather than stormy rain.  Most of the winter the rain doesn't bother me.  About April I start watching the forecast for sun and wondering where the rain "off switch" might be located.

This weekend we had sunny, 75 degree days Saturday and Sunday!  It was lovely!  This is the description of nearly every Seattle summer day.  Ah Seattle summers!  We pack in as much as possible!

Saturday we went to Alki Beach in West Seattle.  If I could, I would move to West Seattle.  Instead we have the next best thing, good friends that live there.  Brenda and Rich live just a mile or two from the beach in a super cute neighborhood.  We met them at a, you guessed it, super cute coffee shop right on the beach.

More exciting than the weather was FINALLY getting to meet their son, Miko!  They have been on a waiting list to adopt from Ethiopia for what seems like forever and were finally matched this winter!  He has to be the (second) cutest little boy ever!

As you can see, Z and Miko have the same great taste in clothing and decided to match. :)  Miko is 15 months and signing up a storm, talking, laughing, walking, smiling, and big time flirting.

We played for nearly three hours.  Right before we left the tide went way out and the kids were able to check out the early forming tide pools.  Nap time beckoned so we'll revisit the pools another day.  The last couple pictures are of Z-man.  One is nearly the same spot but a year ago.  Crazy huh?

Here's to a great summer and many more visits to the beach with Miko!


  1. What a big difference between Zeke a year ago and now! Miko is as cute as can be. I am so thrilled for Brenda and Rich!

  2. What a beautiful opening picture! And look how big Z is!! Our boys are growing up! sniff...